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  • #1 CDL Protection Plan for professional truck drivers
  • 1 million traffic violations reduced or dismissed
  • 500,000+ trucking drivers served

Over the last 30+ years, the drivers we serve have driven hundreds of millions of miles and we’ve been behind them for every single mile. Join the Pros that won’t roll without TVC Pro-Driver.

Have a Ticket?
Just send us a picture of it.

You can easily send photos of traffic tickets and access customer service information from your smartphone with the TVC Pro-Driver app.

You can find the TVC Pro-Driver app on your GEOTab, or download it on your smartphone via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Or call customer support: 833-511-5011


As a motor club, we provide you with roadside assistance in addition to exclusive benefits programs that include discounts on healthcare, and driver rewards.



Save up to 50% on healthcare

Enjoy nationwide access to healthcare discounts on prescriptions, vision, dental, and board-certified virtual doctors and nurses.

  • 50% off board-certified virtual doctor and nurse visits
  • 50% off prescription medications
  • 20-40% off nearly all general dentist visits

Driver Rewards Program

Cheeseburger bought using TVC Pro-Driver's discount card for truckers

Driver Rewards Program

Exclusive discounts for our members.

The savings from your Driver Rewards alone will easily cover the cost of your membership each month.

Exclusive Discounts

  • 70,000+ restaurant discounts; 325,000+ offers
  • 25,000+ Hotel Discounts
  • 4,000 brand-name products discounts
  • 150+ brand-name gift cards up to 40% off


Join America’s #1 CDL Protection Plan and enjoy savings on health, personal legal, restaurants, hotels, and brand name products.

All these savings will more than pay for your membership!

Only $29.95/month

($6.91/week payroll deduction)

This exclusive savings is only available to drivers of Decker Truck Line and only for a limited time.

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Yes, I want to enroll in TVC Pro-Driver with the convenience of payroll deduction.

How soon will your membership be active?
After TVC receives your completed driver enrollment form from your fleet, your membership will be active on the Friday of the first full week following your enrollment.