Highlights from the CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable

By Steve Wilhelms, Director of Safety and Compliance

The CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition took place in Rapid City, South Dakota, in September 2022. Each year, the CVSA Annual Conference provides the opportunity for government officials, enforcement and industry experts to gather together to affect meaningful changes to the overall transportation safety culture throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Though many topics were covered throughout the week-long conference, here are three areas of focus to read up on.

Canadian ELD Mandate
The Canadian ELD Mandate takes effect on January 1, 2023, for all motor carriers who operate in Canada or travel to the U.S. from Canada. The driver must have a device registered and approved by the country’s third-party credential group. A list of those providers can be found here.

False Log Violation Updates
A false log from a prior shift that does not cause a driver to currently be in an hours-of-service violation at the time of inspection would no longer be an out-of-service violation after a 34-hour period. If a driver had a falsification on day two of their eight-day period and is found to be concealing an hours-of-service violation on that day, it would no longer be an out-of-service violation. Instead, it would be a violation documented on the inspection report. These changes will take effect in April 2023.

FMCSA 395.22H In-Vehicle Information
A motor carrier must ensure that its drivers possess onboard a commercial motor vehicle an ELD information packet containing the following items:

  • A user manual for the driver describing how to operate the ELD
  • An instruction sheet for the driver to transfer the driver’s hours-of-service records to an authorized safety official
  • An instruction sheet for the driver describing ELD malfunction reporting requirements and recordkeeping procedures during ELD malfunctions
  • A supply of blank driver logs sufficient to record the driver’s duty status and other related information for a minimum of eight days

Most inspectors will ask for a hard copy of the above items and issue a violation. Suppose the driver has an electronic version and can demonstrate how to locate the electronic version. In that case, that is acceptable, and the inspector should not issue a violation for not having the hard copy.

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Steve Wilhelms, Director of Safety and Compliance

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable