Brake Safety Week 2023: Ensuring Safer Roads 

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable

Mid adult trucker wearing safety vest looking downward as he adjusts the air on the brake coil of his semi-tractor trailer

Brakes are one of the most critical components of a vehicle, playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Brake Safety Week aims to highlight the importance of well-maintained brakes and raise awareness about the risks associated with brake-related issues.  

Brake-related issues are a leading cause of accidents on our roads. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), faulty brakes accounted for nearly 30% of all vehicle-related crashes. This week is a reminder that regular brake maintenance is essential to ensure safe driving and prevent accidents caused by brake failure. 

Below are the objectives of Brake Safety Week this year:

Conducting thorough brake inspections

During Brake Safety Week, law enforcement agencies nationwide collaborate with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to conduct comprehensive brake inspections. These inspections aim to promptly identify and address any brake-related issues, ensuring that commercial vehicles on our roads are safe and compliant with regulations. 

Raising awareness among drivers

This week also aims to educate drivers about the importance of regular brake maintenance. Many accidents can be prevented by promptly addressing brake issues before they escalate. By raising awareness, the campaign encourages drivers to prioritize brake safety and schedule routine maintenance checks. 

Highlighting the role of maintenance professionals

Brake Safety Week acknowledges the significant role played by maintenance professionals, such as mechanics and technicians, in ensuring brake safety. The campaign emphasizes the importance of employing certified professionals and encourages vehicle owners to seek regular brake inspections and maintenance from reputable service providers. 

Promoting brake safety best practices

Brake Safety Week provides an opportunity to educate drivers about best practices for maintaining optimal brake performance. These include avoiding aggressive driving, such as sudden braking and excessive speeding, and regularly checking brake fluid levels, brake pads and rotors. 

Brake Safety Week 2023 provides a timely reminder of the importance of well-maintained brakes in ensuring road safety. Consider sending your drivers an email before August 20 to remind drivers to check their brakes. But if they do receive violations, the Pros Behind the Pros are here to fight for them in the court of original jurisdiction to protect their CDL and your company’s CSA score. 

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable