TVC Pro-Driver Members Now Have Access to More SambaSafety Services

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable

Last year, TVC Pro-Driver partnered with industry leader SambaSafety to connect our members with video safety training. Through TVC, members can receive discounted pricing to get started on driving a safety-focused culture throughout their organization. We are excited to announce the next phase of SambaSafety services that TVC Pro-Driver members have access to thanks to our ongoing partnership. Members can now sign up for MVR Reporting and CSA Monitoring Services.

MVR Reporting
We know that on average, most drivers are safe drivers, but MVR Reporting allows you complete visibility on the 10% of drivers that may cause issues. Monitoring service helps reduce accidents and incidents, which saves time and money—reducing your overall risk to your drivers and livelihood.

You may be wondering, how does a monitoring service reduce costs? Increased visibility allows you to intervene with drivers who may need additional safety training, allowing the driver to change their potentially risky behavior—saving you time and money down the road.

The three pillars of monitoring are identify, manage and modify. MVR Reporting allows you to identify the problem, manage a solution, and modify driver behavior.

Some companies have a self-reporting policy. This can be unreliable because it asks drivers to tell on themselves. With MVR Monitoring, company owners will know about violations and suspensions, so they won’t have to guess or rely on drivers to self-report.

We know better than most that adding another service onto your plate may seem overwhelming. How the SambaSafety system is built, you do not have to go into the system daily to get value from your investment. You can wait for alerts via email. On average, checking an alert takes about 45 seconds. MVR Reporting is an excellent option for people who may be struggling with time management.

Once an alert comes through, the system will recommend training for the driver based on alert type. Now that you’ve identified the problem, the safety training helps modify behavior. SambaSafety refreshes its training every three years, ensuring it is timely and current with industry standards.

Some drivers may just pay the fine because they don’t want their employers to know they’ve gotten into any trouble. MVR Reporting provides visibility to the company even if drivers try to fly under the radar. Continuous monitoring services can help keep your business going.

CSA Monitoring
CSA Monitoring services give you a complete overview of your company’s CSA activities, including your CSA events, carrier scorecard and vehicle maintenance report. The driver essentials report lets you see who has had inspections and helps identify your riskiest drivers. The driver scorecard shows specific risk areas and potential risks to the company. This helps companies identify drivers for training, and training encourages a change in behavior.

The CSA Monitoring dashboards are easy to use, and the information is easy to understand.

The dashboard also helps you identify which citations TVC Pro-Driver can tackle via our TVC CSA Data Review Program. The CSA Data Review program provides companies with expert analysis to challenge CSA violations that may be issued incorrectly. We have had success with examining historical violations, identifying those which can be disputed in court and getting significant points revoked with our CSA Data Review program.

Interested in learning more? Current members can contact their fleet support managers, and prospective members can reach out to us at or call (844) 939-2823. Be sure to ask about all of our SambaSafety offerings available.

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable