Fleet Support: Using the TVC Fleet Portal

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable

Are you taking advantage of the TVC Fleet Portal? This valuable tool was designed to give you a convenient way to manage your TVC Pro-Driver memberships and legal cases.    

Benefits of the TVC Fleet Portal include:  

  • Better visibility. Business owners can more easily monitor case statuses and outcomes with the portal. While your TVC support manager is happy to meet with you, through the portal, you have real-time access to manage your drivers and see their cases at any time.  
  • Convenience. The portal streamlines everything for you and avoids manual processes. Backed by TVC’s signature white glove service, you can trust we are always looking for opportunities to support you and help you succeed.  

Need assistance adding a driver in the TVC Fleet Portal? We can help.  

You can easily add a driver in the TVC Fleet Portal. Here’s how:  

  1. Navigate to the menu at the top of your screen 
  1. Click on the “users” tab (all of your drivers are listed here) 
  1. Click on add user  
  1. Make sure to select “membership” when adding a driver  
  1. Fill in all of the information required 
  1. Click save 

The TVC Fleet Portal is designed to increase visibility and ease the administrative burden of managing both legal and CSA cases. If you are not yet a TVC Pro-Driver member, we encourage you to contact sales@prodriver.com to take advantage of this exciting benefit. To learn more about the TVC Fleet Portal, call us at (844) 550-5535. 

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable