Honoring Our Veteran Employees: A Heartfelt Thank You for Their Service

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At TVC Pro-Driver, we are proud to have a diverse and dedicated team that includes many veteran employees who have served our country with honor and bravery.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, it is essential for us to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for their service. Our veteran employees bring invaluable skills, experiences and perspectives to our organization, and we are truly grateful for their contributions. Join us as we celebrate their commitment, service and unwavering dedication.

  • Nick Hillesheim, Chief Sales Officer, United States Army, Sergeant, 10 years of service
  • Joe Marchant, VP of Field Development, United States Marine Corps, E-5/Officer Candidate School graduate, 6 years of service
  • Shaine McBrady, Business Development Representative, United States Army, E-4 Specialist, 4 years of service
  • Taylor Cleveland, FP&A Analyst, United States Coast Guard, Seaman
  • Philip Freeman, Sr. Data Architect, Sergeant, Korean Linguist, 8 years of service
  • Tina Combs, Accountant, United States Army, Sergeant, 9 years of service
  • George Hudgens, Legal Customer Service Representative

The skills and experiences gained during military service are incredibly valuable and transferable to the workplace. Our veteran employees bring qualities such as leadership, discipline, teamwork, problem-solving and adaptability—all of which significantly contribute to the success of our organization.

The transportation industry is known for supporting and honoring our veterans. We are proud to be part of an enduring community that acknowledges the talents our colleagues bring from their time in service and leverages those talents to make us all better. 

At TVC Pro-Driver, we believe celebrating the achievements of our veteran employees and highlighting their contributions to our organization and the industry is essential. Although veteran status is a protected class and thus must be handled sensitively, employers can offer optional recognition programs and employee spotlights to acknowledge and appreciate their veteran employees’ dedication and sacrifice. 

With established programs communicated at employee onboarding, any organization can make veteran employees feel safe disclosing their status and showing their gratitude. An individual’s service experience can be sensitive and very personal, so it is critical that any program offered is focused on providing a safe environment where veterans can feel valued and supported. 

On this Veterans Day, join us as we come together as a company and express our deepest gratitude to our veteran employees. We are honored to have them as part of our team and recognize their incredible service to our country. Their service, skills and experiences enrich our organization and inspire us all. To our veteran employees, thank you for your service, resilience and commitment. Your contributions are truly appreciated, and we are forever grateful.

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Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable