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How Focusing on Wellness Improves Employee Retention

By February 28, 2022March 16th, 2022No Comments

By Nick Hillesheim, TVC Pro-Driver Chief Sales Officer

It’s no secret: the pandemic has made workers realize life is too short to stay in a job they hate. The Great Resignation has seen nearly 33 million Americans quit their jobs since spring 2021. While some of these people are choosing to retire early and others are staying home with children, many workers are quitting for greener pastures. 

Quality pay, perks and flexibility, in addition to being treated well by management, aren’t just a best-case scenario anymore — employers must respect and promote employees’ work/life balance, or they risk a heavily depleted workforce. 

The trucking industry is no exception. While working from home isn’t an option for professional drivers, there are many ways fleet managers can help their drivers prioritize wellness and support their families: 

  • Offer more local routes for a better work/life balance and more time at home 
  • Allow drivers to take a passenger or pet with them 
  • Incorporate periodic mental health days 
  • Offer wellness resources, such as a smoking cessation program or trucking-specific exercise recommendations 
  • Encourage drivers to candidly share feedback on how they can be better supported by management 

Plus, as a TVC Pro-Driver member, you can tout the following perks for your drivers:  

Healthcare Discounts. Drivers can go farther and stay on the road longer because of TVC’s popular healthcare savings program. The program features savings of up to 50% on healthcare needs — including mental health needs — and 24/7 virtual access to board-certified physicians. 

Driver Rewards Program. Our Driver Rewards Program is a great perk for top drivers and creates long-lasting loyalty. Drivers receive incredible savings at restaurants, hotel properties and even on gift cards. 

Family and Spousal Coverage. We help drivers take care of their families when they’re away from home by providing roadside assistance and legal protection for both the drivers and their spouses. 

Happy employees create stronger workforces and more profitable companies. To learn more about the perks of being a TVC Pro-Driver member, email us at