Tackling High CSA Scores with the TVC CSA Data Review Program

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable

High CSA scores are long-term problems that require regular maintenance and attention. If your company isn’t actively working to maintain a low CSA score, this could lead to suffering in many areas, including high insurance premiums, retention and recruitment, and most importantly, your bottom line.  

Insurance providers use CSA scores as a measure of a fleet’s overall safety and to assess the level of risk in insuring a fleet—the riskier the fleet, the more the company will have to pay in premiums. This is detrimental to your bottom line.  

A fleet’s high CSA score has not only a negative impact on insurance rates, but also driver recruitment. A driver’s ability to earn a living is directly tied to the fleet’s productivity, and an increase in inspections can negatively impact that productivity. Drivers want to work where they can earn. Having a high CSA score may impact their ability to do so, and they may explore other employment options.  

One of the major advantages of working with TVC is our CSA Data Review program, which provides companies with expert analysis to challenge CSA violations that may be issued incorrectly. We have had success with examining historical violations, identifying those which can be disputed in court and getting significant points revoked with our CSA Data Review program. 

Achieving a low score is a two-step process: first, violations must be dealt with to reduce existing CSA points, and second, the CSA score must be diligently maintained with preventative and proactive safety and violations management to keep a clean record.  

Through the program, we also offer DataQ challenges, which allow transportation companies to request and review federal and state data issued by the FMCSA you think could be incomplete or incorrect. To qualify for the DataQ challenges, you must have a TVC Pro-Driver membership for the driver listed on each violation.  

Interested in learning more? Current members can contact their fleet support managers, and prospective members can reach out to us at sales@prodriver.com or call (844) 939-2823. Be sure to also ask about our Crash Preventability Determination program to challenge your DOT recordable crashes! 

TVC’s CSA Data Review is available for free to fleet members with at least five drivers.   

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable