Why Relying on an Annual MVR Review Increases Risk

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable

Many transportation companies still rely on traditional driver risk management processes. These processes consist of manually pulling MVRs infrequently, and only relying on an annual MVR review, as the FMCSA requires. Manually pulling MVRs is an incredibly time-consuming, costly and tedious process.

On the other hand, some trucking companies pull bi-annually or even quarterly. Even when pulled at a higher frequency, a great deal of risk still comes with this approach. If you rely on periodic MVRs, you may not see violations until months or even a year after they have occurred.

Annual MVR pulling is not only an incredible administrative burden, but it also increases hidden driver risk. This method increases the likelihood of future crashes and potentially expensive claims. This unnecessary exposure could increase the cost of transportation companies’ commercial auto premiums.

On average, 10% of your drivers may cause issues. Continuous MVR Reporting allows you complete visibility into the drivers who need it most. Monitoring service helps reduce accidents and incidents, which saves time and money—reducing your overall risk to your drivers and livelihood.

But how does continuous MVR monitoring reduce costs? Increased visibility allows you to get involved with drivers who may need additional safety training, allowing the driver to change their potentially risky behavior—saving you time and money down the road.

Many companies have started using technology to help improve visibility by leveraging a comprehensive risk management solution. Tools like continuous MVR monitoring, offered by SambaSafety, send alerts after drivers receive violations or when their license is suspended or expired. When the record is posted, companies will receive a new alert in near real-time.

The near real-time visibility into driver risk enables companies to intervene immediately with high-risk drivers. Drivers can then receive highly targeted training to correct behaviors and prevent future crashes and claims.

Don’t risk annual MVR reviews. Reach out today to learn more about continuous MVR Reporting. Current members can contact their fleet support managers, and prospective members can reach out to us at sales@prodriver.com or call (844) 939-2823. Be sure to ask about all of our monitoring services available through your TVC Pro-Driver relationship and SambaSafety.

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable