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Get Prepared for National Traffic Awareness Month

By July 22, 2022July 26th, 2022No Comments

August is National Traffic Awareness Month — and it’s the perfect time to remind your drivers to make safe decisions on the road. 

Stop-and-go highway traffic is one of the most common settings for traffic accidents. Highways have higher speed limits, and when a distracted driver traveling at a high rate of speed suddenly realizes traffic is stopped, they have no place to go except barreling into another vehicle. 

Help your drivers get a jump start on National Traffic Awareness Month by promoting these safe driving habits: 

  • Remain conscious of your surroundings and stay aware of other drivers’ movements 
  • Reduce distractions by placing your cell phone out of sight 
  • Always use turn signals 
  • Adhere to speed limits 
  • Leave enough space between your truck and other vehicles on the road 
  • Check your blind spots before changing lanes 
  • Be aware of long stopping distances 

But remember — safe driving should occur throughout the year, not just during a designated month. 

TVC Pro-Driver is committed to assisting fleet managers with championing safe driving behaviors. For example, we offer a safety incentive program, in which we pay fleet managers $50 per driver after they’ve achieved six months without a citation or violation.   

We’ve also formed partnerships with three industry-heavy hitters: SambaSafety, which helps fleet managers control foreseeable risks; EROAD, which offers tracking systems to maximize fleet safety, performance and compliance; and Bluewire, which helps motor carriers understand their potential exposure to areas of risk. All three companies are working diligently to keep the roads safe. 

As a TVC Pro-Driver member, you don’t just receive top-tier legal protection services — you also benefit from our industry-wide relationships. Take advantage of these and more by accessing your membership and benefit guide or contacting customer support at 800-288-2889.

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