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Spotlight on TVC’s Fleet Support

By January 31, 2022February 9th, 2022No Comments

By Nick Hillesheim, TVC Pro-Driver Chief Sales Officer

Did you know TVC offers dedicated fleet support managers to our fleet customers? If you are a fleet customer, we trust you are already leveraging the service, support and expertise of this resource. If you are not yet a customer, we encourage you to consider how this white-glove support from a dedicated resource could improve your day-to-day work experience. Below, learn how TVC helps fleets cut costs, increase efficiency, gain back valuable time and more.

White-Glove Service

By providing a white-glove experience—we handle your business with the utmost care, dependability and responsiveness—we are acting as the trusted partner you need to look out for your fleet’s best interests. As part of our white-glove service, fleet managers receive custom account set-up and billing, along with full transparency in everything related to your account. You can trust we are always looking out for opportunities to support you and help make you successful.

Customized Communications

Upon onboarding, our customers simply let us know their preferred communication style and how often they would like us to be in contact. Our customers enjoy setting this cadence, and they rely on their fleet support manager as their primary point of contact, making every interaction simple and effective. Whether our customers prefer email, texts, phone calls or video conferencing, we communicate with them efficiently and in the manner that best fits their busy schedules.

Driver Case Updates

If you are not yet a TVC fleet customer, you may wonder how informed you will be on the progress of your drivers’ cases. TVC takes communication and partnership with our customers seriously. While we have extensive experience successfully handling cases for drivers, we also know communication is critical which is why your dedicated fleet support manager will always keep you informed. Whether your preference is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly case updates, we provide you with regular progress updates to keep you up-to-date on your drivers’ cases, and you will always be informed of factors that might influence your fleet’s CSA score and your drivers’ safety records.

Free CSA/DataQ Challenges

We take the legwork out of DataQ challenges, automatically issuing challenges for any cases we handle for you or your drivers and working to ensure your fleet receives the best outcome possible. This helps take the administrative burden off fleets to save you time. Plus, for those who are interested in taking it a step further, we can even diagnose, prescribe and implement solutions to your fleet’s CSA compliance issues.

Your Partner for the Long Haul
Fleets aren’t just our customers—they are our partners. We work hard to understand and recommend the right solutions to have the greatest impact on your fleet’s bottom line. Our fleet customers appreciate our unique and custom approach. If you are a current customer, we encourage you to take advantage of the white-glove service available to you through your fleet support manager. We are here to help, so please reach out at any time. If you are not yet a customer and are interested in learning more about how TVC can help ease your administrative burden while helping you attract and retain drivers, contact