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Why It Pays to Be Part of TVC Pro-Driver

By December 10, 2021December 20th, 2021No Comments

By Nick Hillesheim, TVC Pro-Driver Chief Sales Officer

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” While fleet managers generally avoid increased overhead, there are some cases where adding expenses creates greater long-term savings.

Case in point: joining TVC Pro-Driver. Fleet Platinum members spend $29.95 per month per driver — this is a small price to pay for thousands of dollars in yearly savings.

Below, check out all the ways it pays for your fleet to be part of TVC Pro-Driver.

  • Fewer Sidelined Drivers

By partnering with TVC, managers can mitigate risks associated with operating a fleet, including sidelined drivers. Drivers can’t work if they have to handle a ticket in the court of original jurisdiction. Downtime cuts into productivity, and it costs a fleet an average of $448 to $760 a day per vehicle — these costs can add up fast. But when a fleet’s drivers are covered with TVC Pro-Driver, they’ll enjoy no additional fees for covered cases and have access to the nation’s leading provider attorney network to fight cases in the court of original jurisdiction. This means drivers can stay on the road, and the fleet keeps making money.

  • Lower Insurance Rates

Available insurance capacity, distracted driving, and the commercial driver shortage are all leading to rising insurance rates. Some companies have even been forced to shut down because of rising rates. A fleet of 100 trucks, with each truck traveling 100,000 miles per year, could spend roughly $840,000 annually on insurance. Don’t risk this happening to your fleet! TVC Pro-Driver helps keep drivers’ records clean and your fleet’s insurance rate low by performing free DataQ challenges for every case — keeping your CSA score low and, in turn, positively impacting your insurance rate.

  • Safety Incentive Program

Safe drivers mean fewer violations and points on your fleet’s CSA score — it’s pretty simple. TVC offers a safety incentive program to help fleet managers promote safe driving and save money in the process. As part of the program, we’ll pay your fleet $50 per driver after six months of concurrent safety records and paid member subscription. A fleet with 100 drivers could earn an extra $5,000 by simply participating in the safety program.

  • Reduced Overhead Expenses Through Tire & Fuel Discounts

As a motor club, we leverage our membership size so your fleet can enjoy incredible discounts and savings. As part of our tire discount program, fleet members save up to 12.5% off truck tires through national and regional distributors — for a fleet of 100 trucks spending $300,000 annually on tires, this equates to $37,500 in savings. Fleets with 20 trucks or less that have drivers enrolled in the TVC Fuel Card program save an average of 50 cents per gallon — a fleet of 100 trucks driving 100,000 miles annually will end up saving $780,000. Plus, drivers love the Fuel Card’s nationwide network of fueling locations. There’s always a convenient fueling spot on drivers’ routes, which protects your fleet by helping drivers stay on task and on time.

Smart fleet executives understand it pays — literally — to be a TVC Pro-Driver member. If you’re interested in saving money and protecting your bottom line, email me at Sales@prodriver.comom.