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Why Veterans Make Great Truckers 

By June 27, 2022No Comments

With the Fourth of July coming up, we want to thank all veterans who have served to keep us safe and protect our freedoms. 

Veterans are near and dear to TVC —  not just for their service, but because roughly 10% of all truckers in America are veterans! The government is also currently pushing for more veterans to become professional drivers. 

If your fleet is short-staffed, consider hiring a veteran. They make great truckers for several reasons: 

Relevant Skills. Many veterans have experience driving military trucks and already have CDLs. Even if they don’t, they’re likely to be technologically savvy and not shy around heavy machinery. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) even offers a military skills test waiver to fast-track veterans without CDLs. 

Familiarity with Safety Culture. As in any industry where the risk of bodily harm is high, the military champions a “safety first” mindset. Veterans are already familiar with thinking through this lens, and they’ll quickly adapt to your fleet’s safety culture. 

Situational Awareness. Driving a multi-ton rig can obviously be incredibly dangerous, and situational awareness is vital for the safety of everyone on the road. Veterans are already well-versed in staying aware of their surroundings and knowing when something potentially dangerous makes its way into their paths. 

Desirable Traits. Veterans are known for their grit, dependability, leadership skills, self-discipline and mission-focused mindset — and all of these traits are highly desirable in the trucking industry! You might even find veterans on your team outperforming their civilian counterparts.  

The federal government offers resources for veterans pursuing careers in the trucking industry and employers. This Fourth of July, celebrate patriotism and honor our military’s sacrifices by hiring a veteran!