Avoiding Nuclear Verdicts with Safety Data

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable

Tracking your safety data is vital to fighting nuclear verdicts. If your company is taken to court, your safety data could possibly save you from a nuclear verdict, but how?  

One of the best shields your company can have in court is data. Data like dashcam footage, fleet maintenance data and driver data could save you from a nuclear verdict. If you are not tracking your safety data, your organization could be subjected to the assumption of negligence in court.  

Safety data can look like this:  

Dashcam footage: Duel-facing dashcams provide the court with the most data possible and can answer any important questions about the driver’s possible distractions during an accident.  

Fleet maintenance data: If the accident involves malfunctioning equipment –such as brakes—the court will want to know the status of the equipment at the time of the accident. Collecting and maintaining fleet maintenance data is crucial in proving your company was not negligent in causing the accident.  

Driver data: Your drivers’ data is important in the fight against nuclear verdicts. Not only past driving behaviors, but current driving behaviors will be important in court. What kind of behaviors? Things like speeding and harsh braking (or lack thereof) are crucial to note.  

Nuclear verdicts are on the rise, but can be fought with the right precautions and safety data management. TVC Pro-Driver is partnered with EROAD, a leading global transportation technology services company, to help fleets maximize safety, performance and compliance via dashboard cameras and fleet telematics.  

The EROAD Clarity Dashcam can provide TVC Pro-Driver customers with an easy, reliable, dual-facing dashcam solution, GPS tracking and fleet management platform. Benefits include: 

  • Protect your drivers and your business from wrongful lawsuits 
  • Save on insurance and repair costs 
  • Use video footage as a high impact coaching tool to improve driver performance 
  • Reduce accidents and the time required to investigate them 

If you are interested in learning more about how TVC Pro-Driver can help protect your organization’s bottom line and boost your defenses against nuclear verdicts by leveraging our partnerships like EROAD, email me at sales@prodriver.com

Protecting your fleet has never been more affordable