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Deep Dive into TVC Pro-Driver’s CSA Data Review Program 

By July 22, 2022No Comments


As a Certified Fleet Safety Director with over 25 years of experience and an Advanced Safety Certification from the National Safety Council, I know the importance of maintaining a low CSA score.  

Achieving a low score is a two-step process: first, violations must be dealt with to reduce existing CSA points, and second, the CSA score must be diligently maintained with preventative and proactive safety and violations management to keep a clean record. 

One of the major perks of working with TVC is our CSA Data Review program, which provides fleet managers with expert analysis to challenge CSA violations that may be issued incorrectly.  

In fact, did you know many Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) enforcement agencies target different violations when performing roadside inspections? This practice is called disparate enforcement. For example, Texas CMV inspectors are known for writing more violations for brakes, lights and tires than many other states. 

Remember: it’s vital to look at where your fleet’s violations occurred AND what type of violations your drivers received.  

Here are a few examples of instances in which CSA violations could be challenged: 

  • The violation was issued to your company incorrectly 
  • The violation was issued incorrectly because the inspector used the wrong violation code 
  • The violation was included in another violation code issued; this is a process referred to as stacking and is common in vehicle maintenance and hours of service violations 

TVC’s CSA Data Review is available for FREE to fleet members with at least five drivers.  

Through the program, we also offer DataQ challenges, which allow fleet managers to request and track review federal and state data issued by the FMCSA you think could be incomplete or incorrect. To qualify for the DataQ challenges, you must have a TVC Pro-Driver membership for the driver listed on each violation. 

Interested in learning more? Current members can contact their fleet support managers, and prospective members can reach out to us at or call (844) 939-2823. Be sure to also ask about our Crash Preventability Determination program to challenge your DOT recordable crashes!