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Spotlight on TVC’s Legal Support

By February 28, 2022March 16th, 2022No Comments

By Nick Hillesheim, TVC Pro-Driver Chief Sales Officer

If you are a fleet working with TVC, you know that you have white glove service through your dedicated fleet support manager, but how much do you know about the experience your drivers have when they need legal support?  

Submitting a Ticket  

When one of your drivers receives a ticket, we are here to support them every step of the way. We start by providing multiple convenient ways through which they can submit their citation and supporting documentation. Within seconds, they can take a picture of their citation, text it, email it or upload it via our app to our legal team, and receive a confirmation that we have received their submission.  

When you are a TVC fleet customer, we handle your business with the utmost care, dependability and responsiveness, and we treat your drivers with this same respect. We actively work to be the trusted partner you need to look out for your fleet’s and your drivers’ best interests. 

Ongoing Communication 

Over the years, we have handled over one million cases, and we are intimately familiar with the challenges your drivers are facing on the road. You partner with us because we are the experts in legal support for drivers like yours. You can be confident knowing that both you and your drivers are receiving the best local representation, and we actively communicate regarding your fleet’s cases as they progress. Your drivers can stay on the road and earning for you while we handle their case. They receive regular updates from our dedicated legal support team as the case progresses. One of the benefits drivers love most is once they submit their documentation, we take it from there! In most cases, the drivers don’t even have to interact with an attorney or show up for court. We handle it from start to finish with an excellent track record of positive results for our members.  

Driver Perks  

We provide our members with more than just legal support. We care about the driver’s entire experience. From providing discounts and driver rewards to roadside assistance for their personal vehicles and discounts on health and wellness services, TVC strives to deliver products and services that truly improve the drivers’ lives both at home and on the road.  

Free CSA/DataQ Challenges 

We take the legwork out of DataQ challenges, automatically issuing challenges for any cases we handle for you or your drivers and working to ensure your fleet receives the best outcome possible. This helps ensure that your drivers stay on the road and actively working for you. In addition to helping keep points off the driver’s record, this also helps the fleets keep their CSA scores low.  

The Professional Driver’s Partner for the Long Haul 

Helping drivers has been our passion for more than 30 years. Even the best and safest drivers occasionally need help, and at TVC, we are here to help. In almost every case, helping the driver also benefits the fleet. We take great pride in being a great partner for our customers and their drivers. If you are a current customer, we encourage you to take advantage of the white-glove service available to you through your fleet support manager, and we hope you will encourage your drivers to take advantage of all the benefits of their TVC memberships. If they are not sure of all the benefits included in their membership, please reach out to your fleet support manager who will be happy to provide you with information and links to help.  

If we can help in any way, please reach out at any time to your fleet support manager or your sales representative. If you are not yet a customer and are interested in learning more about how TVC can help ease your administrative burden while helping you attract and retain drivers, contact or call 866-530-3673.